Examples Of Corporate Team Building Activities

Employees are the most crucial asset of a corporate setup. For this reason, treating them with respect and appreciation goes a long way for the productivity of your business. This is mainly achieved through team-building events. These events are important as they help to strengthen the relationships between employees and employers.

For a company or business to thrive in productivity, there should be a strong team that works together to achieve this. That is where team building comes into play. Investing in such events for your company enhances the roles of each employee and boosts their connections. Therefore, no matter the size of the company, engaging in corporate team building activities is ideal. Once the employees are happy to work together as a team, the company benefits a great deal.

As important as team building is, you should ensure to make it as fun as possible. You are investing a lot in the event and therefore, it should yield positive results. In this article, we tell you about some of the corporate team building activities that you can engage in to make everything fun and smooth.

Team bonding activities

Team building aims to strengthen employee relationships. For this reason, engaging in exercises that involve communication and teamwork is important. To get better results, the following exercises will help deliver fast results.

  • Scavenger hunting involves the movement and collaboration of your staff where they retrieve hidden items as a group.
  • Blind retriever- this involves blindfolding a member and guiding them to find a hidden item.
  • Group juggling is where employees introduce themselves individually as they throw a ball over to the next person.
  • Group timeline where employees classify themselves according to age, height, and the period in the company.
  • Office Trivia- asking questions and getting the right responses helps to understand the employees, employers, and company better.
  • Circle appreciation- employees appreciate each other while mentioning each other’s names.
  • Cultural celebrations

Problem-solving activities

Most corporate team building activities should also focus on critical thinking to find ingenious solutions to various problems. These activities include;

  • Egg drop- where a team is required to maintain an egg without breaking it irrespective of the conditions.
  • Board Games e.g. Monopoly, Pandemic, Codenames, etc.
  • Simulating a business- creating an imaginary problem for the company and have your employees crack it.
  • Office Debates

Creative thinking activities

All employers will be happy to have a team with creative thinking and innovation. However, it is usually quite difficult to inspire creativity in the employees. You can include these corporate team building activities below;

  • Playing name games where employees guess the correct name of a well-known celebrity by asking questions.
  • Battle of designers where employees are required to come up with something creative concerning the company.
  • Encourage all employees (from different departments) to come up with ideas and solutions.
  • Office Pictionary- here the employees are required to guess what their team members describe to them using drawings and are usually given a time limit.

Importance of Corporate Team Building Activities

Workers participating in rope pulling competition as part of the corporate team building activities

For starters, corporate team building activities help to boost staff motivation that translates into everyday productivity.

Secondly, the activities foster open communication among the employees which helps to break the ice and work peacefully.

Thirdly, the activities help build trust and ensures that the employees know each other to work in collaboration.

Corporate team building activities will take your company to the next level. Companies and businesses that arrange for team building are often successful. The activities also help to resolve conflicts that are usually common in the workplace. While there is increased collaboration at work, you are guaranteed immense success thanks to team building.

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